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pressure washer, water cleaner machine, Industrial cleaning machine, High pressure industrial hot water pressure washer

Welcome to visit " CUMOND®  Cleaning Equipment " company.

We offer a variety of cleaning machines,they are widely used in the detergent industry.Our main products included steam cleaner, portable steam car washing machine, high-pressure hot water cleaning machines, high-pressure water cleaning machines, hot and cold water steam machine.

After years of production and sales, has engaged in years of cleaning equipment design, manufacturing experience technical team, product development set mechanical design, the essence of the world's washing machine manufacturing technology, a first-class professional cleaning machines for manufacture processingequipment, technical performance indicators to meet the design requirements, stable and reliable product quality, improve service, independent design and development, independent production company to technological innovation-oriented, and constantly develop new products to meet the actual needs of different customers.

CUMOND® products are widely used in electrical, chemical, construction, automotive, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, transportation, electric power, railways, home economics and other fields, covering the performance parameters of pressure 5-50Mpa, flow 7-60L / Min  for many models; configurable power asynchronous motors, gasoline engines, diesel engines and so on;we also have multi funciton of cold water, hot water, steam pressure washer ;diesel heating, electric heating and gas heating type, in order to meet customer demand for personalized. All CUMOND® Cleaning Equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, Labor cost and time shall be calculated separately.
Cumond machinery takes "Quality first, Customer first" as business principle, and adhere to "The people oriented" management concept.


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