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Mobile car washing and auto detailing

If you plan on doing jobs in business mobile car washing and auto detailing, you may not have access to a water and electrical supply. Consider purchasing a suitable portable steam car washer upon market needs.CUMOND is the certificated company with R trademark.

Mobile car wash, as the name suggests, is different from the traditional car wash, to achieve a simple mobile car detailing cleaning service.

Mobile car wash, high pressure steam car washer, specializing in the manufacture, sale and service of electric steam cleaners and mobile steam cleaners. Suitable for on-site car wash, not subject to power limitations, sewage problems, places restrictions.

The second generation of new steam generators built with the "instantaneous vaporization" technology as the core has abandoned many disadvantages such as slow start-up, low safety and easy scaling of boiler body water. It is an internationally leading steam cleaning machine series. product. Clean energy mobile car wash high pressure steam equipment, suitable for door-to-door car wash, not subject to power limitation, sewage pollution, place restrictions, strong function, direct external household liquefied gas bottle, can be car, mobile and convenient.

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